Blurb, A Home For Your Ideas

A man is never aware of the great ideas in his mind until he writes them down decides on a piece of paper. Unfortunately, some of this ideas put on paper never see the light of the day. They never get to the world, for that is the sole purpose of writing. So have you written a book? Blurb is your home. Their top class print-on-demand services will help you get your book into print with the ultimate form of ease. Unlike traditional printing, you will not face exorbitant upfront costs, expensive packages or large piles of books cluttering in your garage.

Printing is not the only thing that Blurb does. It has free tools to allow you to create a book before publishing. Nothing is too big or too small for them when it comes to creating a book. They have the right tool for every book you wish to make. Whether you need a professional layout that is photo-rich, a clean text or anything related, blurb makes it all possible. With so much ease, you can turn your ideas into trade books, photo books, eBooks and magazines. Wait, there is more.

Not only does blurb offer you the most inexpensive publishing prices, but also the most quality printing services. Quality is their most treasured asset. With that, their printing, binding, materials used and production of images is incomparable. As mentioned at, Blurb uses industry leading bookshop quality paper and binding. Additionally, volume discounts are available for every 20 books printed. For a minuscule amount of money, you will get exactly the number of book at the exact time you need them.

That is not the end of the story! Blurb will help you sell your book after publishing it. Three ways exist through which blurb makes this possible. First is the Blurb Direct sell, which offers you a personal shop front for usage on your blog, website or even a Facebook page. This way, you can directly reach your friend and fans. The second way is the Blurb to Amazon, which enables for a wide customer base on Finally, the Global Retail Network makes the book available worldwide through leading retailers online.

Blurb is open for seasoned and potential authors, photographers, self-publishers and even business people. From the above analysis, blurb enables you to make, publish, sell and get your books, magazines, trade books to your customers in both digital and print format. Simplifying self-publishing for you was their goal, and they have done it.